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This page is all about food, glorious food. You'll find all my grub guy videos with links to the recipes on this page. Some of the videos I make will not be my own recipe, if it's not my recipe the link will still be below. Get creative, swap bits and bobs, add more, take stuff away but most importantly enjoy yourself. 

Spicy Slow Cooked Lamb Shoulder

This is one of the biggest BANGS I've ever made. The lamb is incredible, the Zhoug if refreshing AF and the salad is just f*ckin insane. 

Full recipe in the MOB Kitchen Comfort Food Book. Solid investment if you haven't already. 

Here it is. 

Lamb Meatball Curry

Spicy-ish lamb meatballs in a creamy tomato curry sauce. The longer you simmer, the better it's going to taste. 

Get the full recipe here

Scamorza & Aubergine Spirali

This dish is inspired by my time at Sapori in Anstey. Smoky mozzarella, soft and golden aubergine in a rich tomato sauce, there really is nothing like it. 

Get the full recipe here

Steak, Hassleback Potatoes, Crispy Cavalo Nero & Chimicurri

This dish is for when you're trying to impress. Grab your apron and get ready for some fancy plating, itt's time for some grub. 

Get the full recipe here

Chicken Piccata with Mash

This one is tasty as f*ck, whack it out when you're trying to impress, or when you're by yourself like I did. 

Recipe from MobKitchen

Lamb & Chorizo Ragu

Slip this bad boy down your gullet and your stomach will throw up a ring and scream marry me. In all honesty, it's verging on orgasmic. 

This is a little creation of my own. Get the recipe here.

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