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I sometimes make things that move.

Philly Boy in New York, 2023

Directed by Dean K

Filmed by Ben Wills

Grandma's Studio
I created this intro to promote the podcast studio which myself and my dad built at the LikeMind Media office. It looks like your gran's living room and it's ace. Check it out here

This was a lockdown creation. I needed to create a professional advert with what I had in the house and I loved it.  This was made using plenty of tape and a closely controlled drill. 

Camloc Motion Control
I love my work with Camloc. We have such a great time getting their company message across through video. Currently working on a video about a watermelon catapult we made.

I create social videos inspiring speakers to get on more stages using iFindYouClose, a dedicated gig research membership. It's only short but I just love how calming this video is. 

One of the annual highlights, MarketEd.Live is the marketing event we put on as a LikeMind Media. Global speakers with tonnes of knowledge and I get to host the pub quiz in a velvet jacket. 

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